Welcome to the Conscious Girlfriend Academy

The Compassionate, Intelligent Learning Community 

for Growth-Oriented Lesbians  

With Conscious Girlfriend, life and love gets better. 

Can you relate to any of these scenarios?   

  • You've had love start out amazing and then fall apart, and you don't ever want to go through that again.
  • Lesbian dating feels daunting, especially now, and you sometimes wonder, "Is she even out there?" .
  • You're over 50 and don't want to be alone forever, but you also don't want to just settle.    
  • Isolation is taking a toll on you, and you'd welcome more contact with like-minded women.  
  • You're in a relationship and want to fight less and feel close again.   
  • You've recently come out, and need help navigating your new lesbian life.   
  • You've done lots of personal growth work already, and want to take your love life to the next level.
  • You've ever thought, Maybe I'm just not meant to have a relationship. Why does love have to be so hard?   

Don't give up on love. Join us instead!

The Academy helps women with all of the above, and much more. 


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The Academy Is A Place Where You Belong.  


  • Just coming out, a lifelong lesbian, or anything in between? Queer, bisexual, or don't like labels? We're here for you.

    Our members range in age from 21 to 82, with many women in their 40s, 50s and 60s. Our community welcomes all self-identified women who love women, or want to. We are actively anti-racist, and oriented toward growth and learning.   

  • Ready to finally be happy in love? Or just happy, period?   

    Great! Join us to learn how to date in ways that lead to lasting love, and how to keep your love healthy, happy and strong -- while having a better relationship with yourself.


    Our teaching is empowering, compassionate, and based on neuroscience, psychology, and relationship research. And, having all your faculty and classmates be LGBTQ women makes a huge difference, too.   

  • We really are everywhere!

    We are based in the United States and thrilled to have members around the world.

  • We offer many ways to learn and connect.

    The choice is yours: Take our pre-recorded classes or join our live events up to three times a week for maximum transformation, plus a built-in source of conscious, compassionate friendship and community.

Academy Members Say:

Ameli N.

Age 64

"I’m loving the Academy, having beautiful conversations and anticipating good friendships at the very least! And for the first time, I understand what a healthy relationship is. It’s helping me feel a new spark and optimism at this point in my life."

Teresa C.

Age 39

"The Academy is such a wonderful community of lesbians to talk to and interact with! It’s invaluable to me. I’m still working on being the right partner (as well as finding her) and I can see myself wanting to go through the course materials again and again."

Jennifer B.

Age 59

"Thank you for creating such a powerful and loving community.  I'm very much enjoying the offerings.  It’s so much more heart-opening and encouraging than the dating apps. I am learning so much, and feel like I've found my tribe." 

And the good news is:

There is a Roadmap to the love you want! 


If you're like most women in the Conscious Girlfriend Academy, you've probably felt alone with your dating and relationship challenges.


Maybe you wondered if you were broken, or just not meant to have a relationship. 


Or you knew your "picker" was broken, but you had no idea how to fix it. 


Or after your heart got shattered, maybe even more than once, you wondered if love was worth it at all.


You've heard that saying, The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing, but expect different results. So maybe you thought you should just stay single forever -- yet your heart wouldn't let you. 


We have a better solution:

The Roadmap to Conscious Lesbian Dating

and Lasting Love.   


In the Roadmap, you'll learn:

-- What compatibility really is, and why chemistry can fool you.

-- How to communicate your needs in ways a partner can hear. 

-- How to stop fighting, end push-pull struggles, and stay connected. 

-- How to create a realistic yet inspiring vision of the relationship you want. 

-- How to develop the clarity, courage and resilience to date wisely. 

-- How to find the right partner, and how to be the right partner, too. 

And so much more...


Most Academy memberships include full access 

to all 12 modules of the Roadmap course, 

along with live learning, practice and connection! 

"Yesterday's classes were incredible. I learned so much in the Boundaries class, definitely some life-changing knowledge in there! And the spiritual connection group was nothing short of delightful; the energy was so nurturing." 

Audrey J.

Age 40

"Thank you again for creating this Academy -- you have no idea of the amount of impact this has already made in my life! In the past I felt panicky when a match reached out to me on a dating site. Now I'm gaining so much confidence!" 

Vicky L.

Age 60

"I have been attending with my new girlfriend and we're both learning so much! Getting to practice these skills with other lesbians makes all the difference." 

Amanda B.

Age 45


Conscious Girlfriend Changes Lives! 

Can you see yourself in any of these stories?

  • Lucy's Story

    Lucy was in her 40s and had come out after a long marriage to a man. Her first relationship with a woman was passionate, but painful. Although Lucy doubted there was really someone out there for her, especially because she had two teenagers at home, she took the Roadmap anyway -- and it helped her create a vision of her ideal partner, and gain the confidence to reach out to women online. 


    Within a few months of finishing the Roadmap, Lucy met a woman who was truly a perfect match for her vision. Not only does her new partner love her kids, but Lucy hates to cook -- and, guess what, her partner is a chef! It has been four years now, and Lucy says: 


    "Before taking your course, there were things I didn't know I needed. I was one of those women over 40 that wondered if finding the right partner was even possible at this age. Now I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my life!"

  • Elizabeth's Story

    Elizabeth was in her 50s, and gun-shy about relationships. She tended to be attracted to women who were emotionally unsafe for her, and she didn't want that kind of drama and unhappiness ever again.  


    Through the Roadmap and 1:1 coaching, Elizabeth gained the strength and clarity to turn away from several Ms. Wrongs. Then, when she met Jane at a party, something was different. There was chemistry and she could actually see that Jane was good for her, too. 


    The Roadmap also helped Elizabeth and Jane navigate some early bumps in their relationship. Now, after five years, Elizabeth says,


    "I had done a lot of personal growth work before, but Conscious Girlfriend was the missing piece that helped me put it all together." 

  • Jeanette's Story

    Jeanette was in her late 60s, and had been single for a very long time. She was nervous about dating, didn't feel comfortable dating online, yet knew she didn't want to be alone forever, either. She felt stuck.


    The Roadmap class helped her stop feeling ashamed of being single, heal some pain from her last relationship, and eventually create an online profile and start meeting women. 


    There were some awkward experiences, but the Roadmap helped Jeanette keep at it. She dated for about a year before meeting Dena, and they clicked. Now Jeanette credits the Roadmap with helping her have the confidence to seek, find, and actually be ready for new love, as well as having the skills to navigate challenges when they come up. Her words of wisdom for others?


    "It's really not too late!"


  • Tiffany's Story

    Tiffany was in her 20s, and very shy.  Having grown up in a religious family, she had a lot of trouble accepting her sexuality. But the Roadmap class helped her build a community of loving, accepting lesbian and queer women friends and mentors. After taking the class, Tiffany also found a girlfriend! Although they are no longer together, Tiffany now feels much more hopeful about the future. She says: 


    “When I started the class, I was so isolated and couldn’t imagine how I could ever live a real life as the person I am... Now I have friends, I've had a girlfriend, and I have so much more self-acceptance. I honestly think the Roadmap saved my life.” 

Whoever you are, the Roadmap will help you 

learn to find the right partner, be the right partner,

and keep love strong.


And all 12 modules of the 

Roadmap to Conscious Lesbian Dating & Lasting Love

are included in most Academy membership plans!

Ready to Join Us?

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What You Get: 


PDF of Conscious Lesbian Dating & Love book


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One Live Community Learning event per month (Second Saturday of each month, 12:00-1:30 PST. Recordings available)

One Live Roadmap Practice event per month (2nd Saturday of each month, 5:00-6:30 pm)

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What You Get:


PDF of Conscious Lesbian Dating & Love book


All 12 Modules of the Roadmap to Conscious Lesbian Dating & Lasting Love (a $597 value)




​Four Live Learning events per month (Every Saturday, 12:00-1:30 PST. Recordings available)


Four Live Practice events per month. Attend as many as you want, and integrate your learning! Every Saturday, 5:00-6:30 PST. 


Four Live Connection events

per month, Tuesdays 5:00-6:30 PST. Attend as many as you want, and go deeper with new friends!

Committed Conscious

Girlfriend Plan

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What You Get:


PDF of Conscious Lesbian Dating & Love book


All 12 Modules of the Roadmap to Conscious Lesbian Dating & Lasting Love (a $597 value)




​Four Live Learning events per month (Every Saturday, 12:00-1:30 pm PST. Recordings available)


Four Live Practice events per month Attend as many as you want, and integrate your learning! Every Saturday, 5:00-6:30 PST. 


Four Live Connection events per month, Tuesdays 5:00-6:30 PST. Attend as many as you want, and go deeper with new friends!


Intimate Monthly Small-Group Coaching Session,

last Thursday of each month, 2:00-4:00 pm PST


Free Admission to Conscious Girlfriend Special Offerings (monthly or bi-monthly classes on sexuality, normally $25 each) 



Community Plan



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What You Get:


PDF of Conscious Lesbian Dating & Love book


One Live Community Learning event per month (2nd Saturday of each month, 12:00-1:30 pm PST – recordings available)


Note: This membership level does not include the Roadmap Course, or opportunities to practice

the new skills you'll learn. 

Why Join the Academy? Because Your Heart is Worth It. 

Your need for love is a beautiful thing.


Doesn't it make sense to honor it 

by giving yourself the tools

for a great relationship?


You deserve it. You can do it. 


 The Conscious Girlfriend Academy is here

to help you learn and practice the skills you need 

for the love you truly want. 


(And you'll get support from an amazing

community of like-minded women!)  


See you in class :)

Friends of Conscious Girlfriend Say:

Julie Bjelland, MFT

Founder of the Sensitive Empowerment Community

"Conscious Girlfriend is providing

an incredibly valuable service to women who love women. It's run with integrity and heart, and offers comprehensive information in a usable format. I highly recommend it to any lesbian or queer woman who wants to get over a breakup, start dating, or form a healthy relationship. This information is so needed in our community! There's nothing else out there like Conscious Girlfriend."

Suzanne Falter

Author of How Much Joy Can You Stand? and many other books

"Conscious Girlfriend helped me find a remarkable relationship. There is no drama, just deep acceptance, listening and profound joy." .

Anna Benassi, MFT

Professor, California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) 

"Conscious Girlfriend offers an empowering approach which is right in line with all the latest research about relationships. I'm really excited about your work! I refer my clients to you all the time."

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