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for Growth-Oriented Lesbians 

With Conscious Girlfriend, lesbian life and love gets better. 

​Our love is amazing! But you've got to know how to do it right. 

If you've struggled to get over a breakup,

find the heathy, happy love you want, 

or keep your relationship strong,

we know how you feel, and  

The Academy Can Help. 


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Meet a few of the many women whose lives have been changed by the Conscious Girlfriend Academy: 

Eva & Carol, 66 & 71

Eva was 64 and had been single for a very long time. The Academy's Roadmap class helped her develop the resilience to become ready to date, and the courage to put up an online profile. Dating was awkward at first, but after a few months, she met Carol, and they clicked. "I credit Conscious Girlfriend with getting me ready to meet this wonderful woman," Eva says. "We've been going strong for two years now!"

Yolanda, 29

Yolanda had grown up in a religious family and had struggled to accept her sexuality, but she knew she wanted the tools to create a happy, healthy relationship with a woman. The Academy's classes helped her make lesbian friends and eventually have the confidence to begin a relationship. Although she is now single again, Yolanda says "My sense of confidence is completely different now. I honestly feel that the Roadmap class saved my life."  

Denise, 51

Denise had recently come out after a long marriage to a man, and had two teenaged kids at home. She was afraid these facts would scare women away, but the Academy helped her clarify her relationship vision and believe in her worthiness as a partner. She says, "Without the Roadmap, I couldn't have found the right woman. Now I have a partner who loves my kids, and I'm the happiest I've ever been." 

The Academy Is A Place Where You Belong. 


  • Just coming out, a lifelong lesbian, or anything in between? Queer, bisexual, or don't like labels? We're here for you.

    Our members range in age from 21 to 82, with many women in their 40s, 50s and 60s. Our community warmly welcomes all self-identified women who love women, or want to, and AFAB non-binary people, too. We are actively anti-racist.    

  • Ready to finally be happy in love? Or just happy, period?   

    Great! Our classes will teach you how. The Academy is the place to get dating and relationship education designed by lesbians, for lesbians. We're empowering, compassionate, and informed by cutting-edge neuroscience and psychology.

  • We really are everywhere!

    We are based in the United States, but women from 22 countries have taken our classes! We're proud to be the global leader in dating, relationship and sex education for lesbians and queer women. 

  • We offer many ways to learn and connect.

    Recorded classes fit everyone's schedule! Or, join our live events up to 3X/week for built-in conscious community, maximum learning. and friendship, too. 

Academy Members Say:

Ameli N.

Age 59

"I’m loving the Academy, having beautiful conversations and anticipating good friendships at the very least! And for the first time, I understand what a healthy relationship is. It’s helping me feel a new spark and optimism at this point in my life."

Teresa C.

Age 45

"The Academy is such a wonderful community of lesbians to talk to and interact with! It’s invaluable to me. I’m still working on being the right partner (as well as finding her) and I can see myself wanting to go through the course materials again and again."

Jennifer B.

Age 68

"Thank you for creating such a powerful and loving community.  I'm very much enjoying the offerings.  It’s so much more heart-opening and encouraging than the dating apps. I am learning so much, and feel like I've found my tribe." 

The good news is:

There is a Roadmap to the love you want! 


If you're like most lesbians and queer women, you've felt alone with your dating and relationship challenges. Maybe you thought they meant there was something wrong with you, or that you just weren't meant to have a relationship. Not true! 


Maybe you've been attracted to women who were bad for you...

Or you've stayed too long...

Or, you've had a relationship that started out amazing and magical, but then fell apart.

After that kind of pain, it's natural to wonder whether love is even worth it, or whether you'd ever want to risk heartbreak again. Should you just stay single? 


We have a better solution:

The Roadmap to Conscious Lesbian Dating

and Lasting Love.   


The Roadmap Course and other Academy Classes Will Help You Learn:


-- What true compatibility really is, and how to recognize it.

-- How to overcome the pain of relationships that went bad, and develop the skills to create something entirely different in the future.  

-- How to date in ways that are fun, sane, and help you finally find the woman you've been waiting for.  

-- How to navigate relationship challenges, communicate skillfully, stop fights in their tracks, and build the lasting love of your dreams. 

-- How to have great, empowered lesbian sex, too!


 All Academy memberships include full access 

to the 12-module Roadmap course, 

along with live learning, practice and connection!

Join at the Committed level to get intimate

small-group coaching to support you even more.

"Yesterday's classes were incredible. I learned so much in the Boundaries class, definitely some life-changing knowledge in there! And the spiritual connection group was nothing short of delightful; the energy was so nurturing." 

Audrey, Age 60

"Thank you again for creating this Academy -- you have no idea of the amount of impact this has already made in my life! In the past I felt panicky when a match reached out to me on a dating site. Now I'm gaining so much confidence!" 

Vicky, 55

"I have been attending with my new girlfriend and we're both learning so much! Getting to practice these skills with other lesbians makes all the difference." 

Amanda. 44

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What You Get: 


PDF of Conscious Lesbian Dating & Love book


All 12 Modules of the Roadmap to Conscious Lesbian Dating & Lasting Love (a $597 value)


LIVE CLASSES ON THE 2nd SATURDAY OF EACH MONTH (Pick a different plan to get your choice of all of our classes, rather than being limited to just two!)

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Girlfriend Plan

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What You Get:


PDF of Conscious Lesbian Dating & Love book


All 12 Modules of the Roadmap to Conscious Lesbian Dating & Lasting Love (a $597 value)




​Four Live Learning events per month (Every Saturday, 12:00-1:30 pm PST. Recordings available)


Four Live Practice events per month Attend as many as you want, and integrate your learning! Every Saturday, 5:00-6:30 PST. 


Four Live Connection events per month, Tuesdays 5:00-6:30 PST. Attend as many as you want, and go deeper with new friends!


Intimate Monthly Small-Group Coaching Session,

last Thursday of each month, 2:00-4:00 pm PST


Free Admission to Conscious Girlfriend Special Offerings (monthly or bi-monthly classes on sexuality, normally $25 each) 


Full Academy





(Save $491 when you pay for the year. Only $58/month!)

What You Get:


PDF of Conscious Lesbian Dating & Love book


All 12 Modules of the Roadmap to Conscious Lesbian Dating & Lasting Love (a $597 value)




​Four Live Learning events per month (Every Saturday, 12:00-1:30 PST. Recordings available)


Four Live Practice events per month. Attend as many as you want, and integrate your learning! Every Saturday, 5:00-6:30 PST. 


Four Live Connection events

per month, Tuesdays 5:00-6:30 PST. Attend as many as you want, and go deeper with new friends!

Why Join the Academy? Because Your Heart is Worth It. 

Lesbian relationships can be the very best relationships on the planet.

But because two women can go so deep,

they can also be the hardest,

if you don't have Conscious Girlfriend skills. 


Doesn't it make sense to give yourself

the best shot at happiness,  

by giving yourself the tools

for a great relationship?


By learning how to date in ways that are smart for your heart, rather than breaking it? 


And getting the support to keep your relationship thriving? 


You deserve it. You can do it. 


 The Conscious Girlfriend Academy is here

to help you learn and practice the skills you need 

for the love you truly want. 


(And you'll get support from an amazing

community of like-minded women!)  


See you in class :)

Friends of the Academy Say:

Meet a Few of Our Friends: 

Julie Bjelland, MFT

Founder of the Sensitive Empowerment Community

"Conscious Girlfriend is providing

an incredibly valuable service to women who love women. It's run with integrity and heart, and offers comprehensive information in a usable format. I highly recommend it to any lesbian or queer woman who wants to get over a breakup, start dating, or form a healthy relationship. This information is so needed in our community! There's nothing else out there like Conscious Girlfriend."

Suzanne Falter

Author of How Much Joy Can You Stand? and many other books

"Conscious Girlfriend helped me find a remarkable relationship. There is no drama, just deep acceptance, listening and profound joy." .

Anna Benassi, MFT

Professor, California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) 

"Conscious Girlfriend offers an empowering approach which is right in line with all the latest research about relationships. I'm really excited about your work! I refer my clients to you all the time."

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